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The so-called civilized people have been at loggerheads with nature many times trying to fight off various health risks. What about discovering Atlantis and relocating over there so that no infection whatsoever may pester them? Being the residents of Eurasia, we can hear the sound of alarm every time spring shifts into high gear. The media brings reports about ticks biting the folks in Perm, bugs on the offensive in Europe and so on. The trees are going to bloom soon and trigger off the spread of allergy attacks all over the place.

In the meantime, nature is the main supplier of remedies against the ailments it happens to cause. Millions of years of the natural selection can do a lot more than a clinical trial conducted over a couple of years. The big city dwellers tend to forget it as they run about the drugstores. While reading about the mushrooms that reportedly helped the Chinese athletes win the Olympics I recalled a personal mushroom experience I went through during my trip to the U.S. some time ago. I picked up a common orange-cap boletus in a West Virginia forest and showed it to my American friends. Panic seized them in no time. As it turned out, the Americans consider all the mushrooms to be poisonous if they?re found in the open, outside a supermarket?s counter.

The hostility toward nature has been recently on the wane. Cleanliness spreads diseases. Who could have said it in public back in the 20th century? Classical medicine which is close to Christianity in many of its postulates has been teaching us for a long time that cleanliness was indeed next to godliness. Nowadays scientists agree that pets, dust and microscopic ticks can protect children against the attacks of a future allergy by making their immune system more flexible to the perils of the environment. On the contrary, sterile living conditions can enhance the risk of diabetes and other diseases.

This is just the beginning of a new approach to nature. The human race is now trying to speed up the taming of the creatures who were regarded as threats to civilization. For example, a deactivated restrovirus responsible for AIDS is already used by British researchers for correcting some hereditary conditions. The virus infects an embryo with good genes instead of affecting immune system. In the meanwhile, Americans say that some parasitic works can be useful for the treatment of intestinal diseases. There?re reports about a particular mosquito species to be bred by genetic engineering for vaccination purposes.

It?s a shame that our fellow countrymen will be traditionally put at the bottom of a customers? list. There?ll be a lot of scamming similar to all that hype around various nutritional supplements we?ve been witnessing lately. It will take some time until the black lists of the harmful nutritional supplements become available to an average Russian.

The good news is that some Russian companies have managed to keep a scientific approach to business. The first scientific reading on chitin-related research were held in the Moscow region in March this year. Chitin forms an outer covering of many an insect including those mentioned at the beginning of the article. The first medicine derived from chitin was developed back in the 1960s in the Soviet Union. It was a special drug used for the protection of living being against the ionized radiation. Medicines made from chitin have a number of other valuable properties aside from the above.

I still hold out some hope to some medical cockroaches that could be bred by our scientists, if the development of curative viruses is out of the question. At least the issue of cockroaches will be properly tackled. Why should we use pesticides causing more harm to humans than pests? It?s a way easier to turn to nature and get the message delivered by one of the reports put on the Web page of the Russian chitin society. It says that a marinade made of ginger and soybean sauce can make a real treat out of the black chitin shell. It still looks like a joke, but you never know.


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